Fun at WIW

What is there to do? Lots. Or, nothing.

A sampling of past activities includes:

1. Sitting on the lodge porch reading.
2. Sitting on the lodge porch talking with a new friend.
3. Sitting on the lodge porch getting a haircut.
4. Going for a hike — long or short.
5. Standing on the bridge watching the river.
6. Soaking in the medicine wheel tubs.
7. Soaking in the meadow pools.
8. Steaming in the sauna.
9. A cold dunk in the icy sauna bathtub.
10. Eating good food.
11. Drawing on the lawn.
12. Writing poetry.
13. Playing volleyball.
14. Blowing big bubbles on the lawn.
15. Yoga in the early morning.
16. Watching shooting stars from the meadow pool at night.
17. Comparing tattoos in the tubs.
18. Sneaking chocolate in your cabin.
19. Bird watching with binoculars.
20. Practicing a skit with friends.
21. Attending workshops on lots of different things.
22. Soaking your feet, or your body, at Devil’s Hole.
23. Meditating in the sanctuary.
24. Buying books and other good stuff at the office.
25. Getting a tarot reading.
26. Playing Scrabble.
27. Playing cards.
28. Meeting women from around the country and the world.
29. Chatting with cabin mates on your steps.
30. Dancing.
31. Laughing your head off at the talent/no-talent show.
32. Sunning on the lawn.
33. Napping on the lawn while you’re sunning.
34. Perusing the library in the lodge.
35. Finding the meadow pools with no one there and floating all alone.
36. Singing, alone or with a group.
37. Drumming.
38. Listening to the drumming.
39. Making love in your cabin while drumming is happening.
40. Coffee on the lodge porch early in the morning.
41. Being able to label morning people and night people as they stream in for breakfast.
42. Hiking to the old growth forest – awesome!
43. Soaking your feet, or your body, a Devil’s Hole.
44. Devil’s Hole, the chicken’s way – sunning on the rocks and watching others scream.
45. Being a part of the closing circle – wishing it would last forever.
46. Checking out the gardens to see what’s growing this year.
47. In a lucky year, experiencing a thunderstorm from the gazebo.
48. Going on the Breitenbush staff tour.
49. Talking with Breitenbush staff about life in a collective.
50. NOT having to answer the phone, watch the latest horrors on the news, run errands or feed the dogs/cats/chickens.
51. Meeting the woman of your dreams.
52. Making a wish list.
53. Seeing how long you can stay in the cold medicine wheel.
54. Getting a massage.
55. Taking a walk to the Cobb House.
56. Working on the latest craft project you brought from home.
57. Watching women from the deck.
58. Attending or creating a discussion group or workshop.
59. Driving to Detroit for ice cream.
60. Making a collage in the Forest Shelter.
61. Finding some new trails.
62. Making new friends.
63. Jammin’ on the Library piano.
64. Doing some pickin’ and singin’.
65. Visualizing your future.
66. Taking a time out in the sanctuary.
67. Singing silly songs and karaoke WIW style!
68. Playing cards, board games and eating junk food in the dining room late at night.

Some meeting places at Breitenbush: (to create your own workshop/discussion group)

  • Lodge: porches, North Room (fireplace room), lobby, library, front lawn
  • Forest Shelter
  • Yurt
  • Sanctuary
  • Gazebo
  • River Yurt


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