What is the SWAT team? 

Five fantastic women who volunteer all year long to organize this one event in August. Left to right: Sarazan, Renee, Jesse, Pam and Elise (who is not in the photo because she doesn’t identify as a SWAT team member, but really is). Smokey is on the far right and she retired in 2012, and her spirit and presence is still very a much a part of Women in the Woods.

Women in the Woods has been happening for decades. Some women come year after year, some come when life allows it. New women join the WIW community every year and return when they can.

It is a wonderful time creating community and enjoying the company of women in a beautiful old growth forest. It is space closed to men, except for the male staff of Breitenbush who work the resort collectively.

We hope you will join us and experience the magic of Women in the Woods. You will be glad you did.

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